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ICAMSR will occationally post interviews with people from the scientific community regarding life on Mars, planetary protection, and sample return.

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The Calm Before The Storm: An Interview With Dr. Gilbert Levin
In a little over one month, the British built Beagle 2 exobiology lander will look for signs of extinct or extant life on the surface of Mars. Not since NASA's Viking mission 27 years ago has another search for life on Mars been attempted. Since the Viking mission, one has to wonder why there are still important questions left behind - such as: are there organic molecules from either life and meteorites laying on the surface? Or are they destroyed by the hypothetical oxidants many NASA researchers say are certainly there? One of the Principal Investigators for the NASA Viking biology team was Dr. Gilbert V. Levin who invented and built the Viking Labeled Release Experiment.

Last updated December 5, 2003.
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